12 Mar

Viking Studio/published by the Penguin Group 2009
Soft cover – 240 pages including Notes and Image credits

This is another Table Book that is easily ‘flipped’ through, scanning the pages with the occasional stop-and-read. These are what I call filler books. Filling-in the occasional lapse between literary tomes.

As the title states, this is ‘an atlas of cartographic curiosities’. So, allowing for a slightness of latitude – Frank Jacobs follows his imagination into the bizarre and strange, sharing with us, interesting alternatives to the science of map making.


ImageImageThe Aleph Maps


The American Dove



2 Responses to “STRANGE MAPS”

  1. Chris Sullivan at 8:59 p03 #

    I love the German map. It’s a work of art.Going to see if I can find a cheap copy of this book somewhere.

    • WORDMAN at 8:59 p03 #

      You can get a ‘used’ copy from Amazon at less than half the price. I found one for 1 cent US. Good luck!

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