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23 May

For some oddity, or not, I’ve been gravitating toward self-published books lately. In light of the obvious, leaving one’s analytical cap in another room whilst reading these ‘raw’ renderings, is often best.

Otherwise, many excellent adventures will be missed.


21 May

This morning, whilst stirring in a vapor between slumber and awareness, I heard an opus I thought had all but been replaced by the errant ill-behavior of mother nature for this time of year. I slumbered out of bed and pulled the curtain away from the dew covered window, squinted my eyes for a better view through the glass, and saw the musicians taking their places: a colony of seagulls on the roof next door; a murder of crows on the back wire; and a gaggle of harmonizing geese, high in the distance. The oeuvre was a little out-of-tune what with the guttural aw-uck of the gulls evoking a nostalgic summer day, and the cacophonous caw babble of the crows who were, as usual, attempting to out-do one another. They were rehearsing, whilst the faithful rendition of honking overhead was the sweet melody they were aspiring to. Hink-a-honk-a-hink-a-honk, male and female geese alternating their reverberations so closely that it sounded like a single bird.

 Yes, indeed, this is going to be one beautiful day.



21 Mar

I’m not a professional Book Reviewer (duh) as some of you are, so I’m not bound by the ‘Canons of Review’ Etiquette. Rule number one (01): the one about ‘personal commentary’? Yeah, that one pretty much went by the wayside eons ago. Sometimes I don’t even write what the book’s about I get so caught-up in the passion of it. Reviewers aren’t supposed to say, ‘I love/hate this book’. Pa-lease …..

For the past few nights, I’ve been keeping company with Norman and Henry. We were on holiday in Ulster (Ireland) just recently, and “I’m not going to tell you much about the holiday except to say it was a grand month and we enjoyed every bit of it even though it rained much of the time.”* – it is there where we first met Miss Hargreaves (Hargraves).

Right now I’m living in the 1930s, on 38 London Road in Cornford, Bucks. Miss Hargreaves recently arrived, and we (Norman, Henry and myself), are about to enter the actuality of our imaginations. Bloody wild.

*page 14 last paragraph
Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker


6 Mar

I finally settled-in with a few good books after having a slight reader’s block – what’s up with that? ….. Anyway, I even had a master plan: reread some of the old classics; venture into new territory; and scope out some of the new releases. BUT THEN, yesterday morning I received an email from “The Universe” – and my master plan made a break for it!

Ursula K. Le Guin



Excuse me but, have I been living on another Planet ? Not only have I never heard of Le Guin but how does a Wordman not know about these particular dragons and wizards?

Onward …..
to the buy.
Thanks Emily!


5 Jan

I have yet to find, and doubtful that one exists, another human more compatible to me than solitude.


30 Dec

I believe in the reincarnation of the Soul and that each one of us crosses the path of another that we knew in a past life for a reason. It is not for us to know that reason until the last journey has been taken, at which time we become enlightened. Hopefully we learn our lessons well, and don’t make the same mistakes again. 


12 Dec

There was a storm brewing yesterday. The sky was dark, the ocean was restless and the cold wind had picked-up momentum. Rain drops were beginning to fall, but there was a rainbow at the end of the Jetty and I just couldn’t leave without taking a picture of it. Could I? The beach was deserted, and the waves had already churned-up many pieces of drift wood.

Walking, I knew I’d never make it before the storm hit so I drove my car as near the beach as I could get it. Foolish, I know. I took my pictures and paused to admire the beauty before leaving when I noticed two individuals in the distance, standing on the rocks of the Jetty, just below the rainbow. Where did they come from?

The rain was falling harder so I got in my car, backed it up and started to turn it around when the front tires hit a soft patch, and the more I gave it gas, the deeper the tires went. The spinning had dug deep and spit sand into the wind and onto the car. I was stuck.

What should I do? Even if I called the spousal unit, I had the car – there was no way to help me, so I began walking toward the couple on the Jetty. As I neared them, they turned and started walking my way. “Will you help me?” I yelled into the wind. And, without even so much as a moment of hesitation, they were by my side walking with me toward my stranded vehicle.

Feverishly, they dug out the sand from around both tires and strategically wedged-in large pieces of drift wood beneath the wheels for traction. I should have thought to do that but I panicked. I’m old and sometimes my thoughts don’t process as quickly as they should.

After the woman backed the car out of the rut I’d created, and hugs were met with thankful blessings, I walked away, toward my car. From behind me I heard her yell, “Hey, everything will be all right.” When I turned to acknowledge them, they weren’t there. I looked around but all I saw was the restless ocean. And above the Jetty? Only the storm clouds. The rainbow was gone.

Hebrews 13:2
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.




9 Dec

Books are my inside voice.
They are the places I choose to be.
Photographing the mystical is my outside voice.
They are the places I am.

I live in a small town where everything is accessible within walking distance. A quaint, but fading town nestled between wooded mountains and the Pacific Ocean. I walk through these streets, camera in hand, where even the most mundane becomes magical.

My photographs will begin to appear, here on Wordman, as a refreshing added element between Book Reviews. The light for this inspiration was turned on by the Woodland Gnome on a blog of beauty that found me quite by happenstance. You may view it here


19 Oct

I like to sit around and do nothing. Nothing is my most favorite thing to do. In quiet days, when the sky is dark and gloomy, and I can hear a train rumbling through town, I like to do nothing.

If it were just a little colder ….. I would set the kindling in the fireplace to blaze. But since there is no chill in the air, I could hardly be expected to do something. So, today whilst I wait for all the tumblers to align, I will just continue to do my most favorite thing: nothing.


10 Oct

So, I’m reading this book see? The one by the author I never heard of: M.J. Rose. Come to find out, The Reincarnationist is a trilogy. Wouldn’t ya just know it ….. now I have to buy more books. Muhahaha !

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