3 May


During the last week in April, for those of us who are ‘bibliophilic’, Muriel Spark (1918-2006) was the target read for many. I, however, was not one of those many.

While you are certain to find one or two of her tomes among my book shelves, you will find, certainly, that the pages tend to stick to one another. Indicative, I need not tell you, that I have yet to read her. Actually, I did skim through Curriculum Vitae, about a hundred years ago, and found it to be, what little I did read, quite interesting.



For as long as these books have followed me from place to place, it is most peculiar that I never got around to reading any of them. I suppose Miss Spark’s writings, to me, are about as nondescript as the author herself. I do tend to gravitate toward the familiar, either via a life lived or through the written words themselves.
It is obvious that Muriel Spark and I would not have moved in the same circle. Undoubtedly, because she would have been much too normal for my palate.
I suppose now, however, that since I’ve read a few sparkling reviews, and been reminded that she has tenure in my library, I will just have to pull-out one of her books, and settle-up with Miss Muriel Spark.

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