29 Jul
 McGraw-Hill Book Company 1985 Hardcover (Book Club Edition) 181 pages Psychological Murder Mystery/fiction

McGraw-Hill Book Company 1985
Hardcover (Book Club Edition) 181 pages
Psychological Mystery/fiction

This is a book I read about a month ago, and it’s been hanging around, I suppose, to garner some attention before retiring to its proper shelf. This was an okay story. One of those that can be read through without having to think too much. Light entertainment even though the story-line is dark. Keep in mind that this crime drama is set in the 1980s so putting aside your 2015 attitude is essential for your reading pleasure.

A rash of murders with no traceable clues; a detective assigned to find the murderer whom, it appears, all the victims knew; and a young woman who begins receiving anonymous gifts in the mail …

This page turner, even though the reader sees early-on what the author is up to, is suspenseful at every turn. The story unfolds through the voices of the three main characters: the killer; the detective; and the young woman who has caught the killer’s attention.

Enjoyable thriller.

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