4 Aug

My read through The Ghost Brigades was slow and boring. I expected ….. Ah, there it is, the problem (I expected), so when I didn’t get what I was expecting, I was disappointed. Ok. Yes. Let’s say that that was the problem with Ghost Brigades.

I was way past the point-of-no-return when it just started getting good. I think that’s because toward the end of this book, we begin to segue into the final book of this trilogy wherein John Perry returns.

I guess I had to go through the minutiae that reads like a textbook rather than a story (the nature of memory and consciousness, and the ability of governments to rule and hide information from humanity, (ad nauseum)), to get to the heart of the matter.

Charles Boutin, scientist turned traitor, and the Obin aliens have formed an alliance with other hostiles. Boutin’s consciousness has been recorded and loaded into the mind of a Special Forces’ soldier, Jared Dirac (clone of the traitor). The memory transplant fails so Dirac is enlisted into the Ghost Brigades where Boutin’s memories begin to slowly surface …. surprise, surprise.

Beside the fact that there is way too much descriptive detail, the storyline is way too predicable. I gotta tell ya, I expected (there’s that word again) more from Scalzi.

Here’s lookin’ at The Last Colony for redemption.


3 Responses to “THE GHOST BRIGADES”

  1. Ilbi August 4, 2012 at 8:59 p08 #

    I was looking forward to reading this when I come stateside…I’m a little discouraged now, but I’ll just have to verify for myself!

  2. WORDMAN August 4, 2012 at 8:59 p08 #

    Please don’t let me discourage you from reading this book. My reviews are MY opinion, based on MY likes and dislikes. Other than the exhaustive details, I turned the last page with a good taste. Jane is in this one, and i enjoyed those parts where she was front and center.


  1. THE LAST COLONY « WORDMAN - August 17, 2012

    […] regalia, as they colonized other planets for habitation while fighting off the alien enemies;  The Ghost Brigades, with all it’s eccentricities, follows Jane, an Android Assassin, and the Special Forces in an […]

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