The Sunlight Dialogues

25 Jun

WHEN I READ A BOOK BY AN AUTHOR I’M UNFAMILIAR WITH, I always like to find out as much about that author as possible. I enjoy getting to know the mind behind the words and the life they live outside the parameters of the books they write. It helps me to appreciate what I’m reading so much more.

Such is the case with John Gardner (1933-1982) novelist, essayist, literary critic and university professor, who lived in the town he wrote about in many of his books. The characters so real, that one gets the sense that he actually knew them all.

The Sunlight Dialogues takes us back to the 1960s, and centers on a drifter (the Sunlight Man) jailed because he painted the word “LOVE” across two lanes of traffic, and the main protagonist, sixty-four year old Fred Clumly, the town’s sheriff. I am reading this book now and the pages seem to be turning themselves as my eyes flow across the exceptional narratives and impressive descriptive insight into the unconventional characters that I am developing an attachment to.

I have fallen in love with the writing. This isn’t reading. This is looking through a peep-hole and hoping I don’t get caught.


Alfred A. Knopf – publisher;

1972 hardcover edition;

712 pages;

Historical Fiction


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